Set up Document Review (Redlining)

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Document Review (Redlining) is an add-on module which needs to be enabled by Checkbox. If you are unable to select the "Document Review" option in a Document Review block, please contact your Checkbox Customer Success Manager for more details.

What is Redlining?
How to set up "Document Review" (Redlining) on the Checkbox Platform
Key Components of Redlining from an end-user perspective
Setting up negotiation or "back and forth" between parties
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What is Redlining?

Redlining allows users to handle document negotiation, versioning, review and markup directly on the Checkbox platform.

How to set up "Document Review" (Redlining) on the Checkbox Platform

Before adding the "Document Review" block, you'll first need a document variable (either a document generation block or a document upload variable).

  1. In your app Studio, drag in the DOC REVIEW block and connect it to the previous block: mceclip3.png

  2. When the DOC REVIEW block is selected, select the "Document review" option under "SETTINGS". mceclip4.png

  3. Select a "Document variable" (This will be the document shown to end users for review).

  4. Provide an "Instruction Header" and "Instruction Message" for the end-user to follow to complete their task.

  5. [OPTIONAL] Set a "Document edited variable" - this is an optional variable that tracks whether the document reviewer has made any markups or uploaded a new document version.

Additional Settings

Prohibit offline editing
Prevents the reviewer from making markups offline, ensuring all markups occur on Checkbox.
Display document history
Allows the reviewer to view historical versions of the document. When this setting is OFF, the reviewer will only be able to see the latest external version of the document.
Allow internal versions
Allows the reviewer to view both internal and external versions in the document history tab. In addition, the reviewer will be allowed to save and mark document versions as internal.

Key Components of Redlining from an end-user perspective

The editor is what end users will see when they get to the Redlining or Document review block. This is the interface that will allow them to review and markup directly on the Checkbox platform. This is also where end users can add comments to the document.mceclip0.png

Review Panel
The review panel is where end users can see an overview of the document, download the current version of the document, view historical versions of the document, and track document history.


Instruction header and message
The Instruction header and Instruction message are shown in the default view of the review panel. 



Both of these fields are configurable when setting up the Document review block.


Current version details
Current version details are also available in the review panel. This includes who the version was created by and when it was created. This can be found by hovering over the information tooltip icon near "Currently viewing".


Document History
In the "Document History" tab of the review panel, you are able to see a list of all the versions of the document that have been created (including both Draft and Previous versions). Whether the end user can see both internal and external versions is dependent on the configuration of the Document review block. The end user can easily navigate between different versions of the document by clicking on any of the versions in the "Document history" tab. It is noted that previous versions of the document are read-only so the end user can only make changes to the current version.


Action bar
The action bar at the bottom of the screen provides the end user with different navigation options. In addition to the usual "BACK" button, which takes you to the previous page, the Document Review block has two additional actions users can take:
  • Finish Document Review - If the user has not made any changes to the document, this option takes the end user to the next page in the app. However, if the user has made changes to the document, clicking this option will prompt the user to save a new version along with a description of the changes they have made. After this, the end user to the next page in the app.


  • Markup Offline - this option can be disabled in the Document review block settings. If enabled, this will allow the end user to download the document and markup it offline. Once the end user has finished editing the document, they can upload the new version to the Checkbox platform.
External or Non-checkbox users
For end users that are external to your organisation or don't have a Checkbox account, they will be prompted for their name and email address before they can access the document. This is to ensure that any markup on the document can be attributed to the correct end user.


Setting up negotiation or "back and forth" between parties

So far, we have set up a single redlining (or "Document review") block. To support negotiation or "back and forth" between relevant parties in your app, workflow blocks can be used to allow the correct user(s) to see the document in the correct sequence. For example:



View Document

Note: If you don't have the Redlining add-on module enabled on your Checkbox account, you will still be able to use the "View document" option to allow for an offline editing user experience.

"View document" lets you display a preview and allows end users to download the report that was previously generated in your app. This helps end users to review their generated document and make any amendments to their responses in the Assessment before submitting for completion.