September 2022 Release Notes

1. Redlining

Redlining is the next evolution of document automation on Checkbox. In addition to generating fully bespoke documents, sending them via workflow for approval and executing them via e-sign, Checkbox now allows users to handle document negotiation, versioning, review and markup directly on the platform.

How does this feature help me/my team?

  • Avoid the admin burden of redlining: traditionally, redlining is done through hard-to-follow email chains where time is often wasted finding the correct version to work on and figuring out who the correct approvers are. Checkbox Redlining:
    • Allows in-platform review and markup of documents, so you don’t have to leave Checkbox
    • Integrates seamlessly with the rest of Checkbox so you can leverage logic engine and workflows + e-signature in the platform
    • Allows for the negotiation of third party agreements as well as those generated by Checkbox
    • Allows offline editing for users who are more comfortable working in Word.
  • Automate compliance: it’s easy to lose track of the evolution of a document when versions are distributed across word, email, online and local drives. With Checkbox Redlining you have:
    • Automatic versioning for full audit trail – Checkbox keeps a structured history of the document versions, and presents only the versions each participant needs to see
    • Easily accessible Document History – storing a comprehensive view of each version, so that
  • Improve transparency: for non-negotiating parties (i.e. managers, people waiting on the deal to close) without the noise of being included on the email chain

Support documents for this new feature can be found at: Set up Document Review (Redlining)


2. Self-serve SSO

You can now set up and configure single sign-on between Checkbox and your own identity provider in a self-service manner. This allows you to manage your users access to Checkbox in one place.

For specific instructions please see:


3. Improved Error Messages

We have improved the error messages that are displayed for a range of common errors on the Checkbox platform. These changes are aiming at improving the debugging experience when building and even after your app is live. Each new error message will help you to understand what is causing the error as well as providing guidance on how to fix it.

New error messages can be found in the following areas:

  • Routing
  • Doc Gen
  • Workflow
  • Email Block
  • Project Team
  • App/Solution Import
  • Javascript Block


4. Allowing all variables to be used in Dashboards, Widgets, and Scheduled Tasks without being exposed

All variables are now accessible in Dashboards, Widgets, and Scheduled Tasks even without being exposed!