DocuSign Integration

Why DocuSign integration with Checkbox?

DocuSign integration allows e-signatures to be collected digitally through DocuSign and saved on the Checkbox platform.

Who can integrate DocuSign to Checkbox?

Enabling DocuSign requires action from a DocuSign Developer account holder and Checkbox Account Administrator

The following guide will assist you in setting up your DocuSign account to integrate with Checkbox platform.

Note: if you do not have a DocuSign Developer account, you can sign up for one here

DocuSign integration best practices

When connecting your Docusign account with Checkbox, it is best practice to connect both a Docusign Demo Integration Key and a Docusign Production Integration Key. Docusign Demo is used for testing purposes while Docusign Production is used for sending out live envelopes. 


How to enable the DocuSign Integration

Note: For the following steps, you must be a Checkbox Account Administrator to access the “Integrations” tab in Account Settings

  1. Log into Checkbox

  2. On the top right of the screen, click your username, then go to “Account Settings”


  3. Click the “Integrations” tab on the left panel

  4. Click on the E-signature Tab
  5. Add an Account

  6. Choose your preferred e-signature account - click on DocuSign
  7. Select your environment (either "Docusign Demo" or "Docusign Production"). We recommend you set up an account for each of the environments.

  8. You will be re-directed to Docusign. Please log in using the account that you would like your docusigns to be sent from. Please note, this is also the account that DocuSign will charge you for any PRODUCTION envelopes sent (i.e. does not apply to Demo account).
  9. After you log in you will be re-directed back to Checkbox. You may now use this DocuSign account in any Checkbox Project Team.