Start App Widget

Premium Checkbox Feature

This feature is only available for customers who have access to Premium features. Please get in touch with your customer success manager if you have any enquiries





Start App widgets are simple widgets that allow end users to start Apps from directly within a Dashboard instead of needing to navigate to different URLs for different Apps, or through the Teams interface in order to find the right App.

Using these within Dashboards allows you to create user Portals that can serve as 'one-stop shops' for how you provide services to your end users.



The Start App widget can only be created via a project team dashboard, or via the solution dashboard.

  1. Navigate to your project team or solution
  2. Click on the Dashboard icon
    1. For project teams, this is the top left home icon
    2. For solutions, there is a dashboards section on the left hand side 
  3. Select an existing dashboard, or create a new dashboard
  4. Click "+Add Widgets"
  5. Click "Create a new widget"
  6. Under "Widget Type" select "Start Assessment"