November 2022 Release Notes


Improving your end user experience with Dashboards

While Dashboards have been around in Checkbox for a long time now, we’ve felt that they haven’t lived up to their full potential. This month, we’ve introduced a host of improvements aimed at allowing Dashboards to act as the main way for your end users to interact with Checkbox Apps, instead of training them to figure out how to navigate to the Apps you’ve created.


Create different Dashboards for different stakeholders

Previously, Dashboards were accessible to all users within a team. Now, Team Dashboards can be configured to allow access for:

  • Everyone in your organisation
  • Everyone in the team
  • Specific users only

These extensions to Dashboard access controls will enable you to create tailored Dashboards for different stakeholder groups such as end users, process administrators, and senior management, without exposing those Dashboards to everyone.


Embed and share dedicated Dashboard URLs directly 

Instead of training and reminding your stakeholders how to navigate to specific Teams and Apps, you can now share Dashboard URLs directly without the clutter of the broader UI, or even embed these Dashboards within your other web-based interfaces such as intranet portals.


Start Apps from directly within Dashboards

We found that end users needed help when trying to navigate through the Teams interface to find and start the correct App. We’ve made this simpler by introducing a new widget that will allow users to start Apps from directly within Dashboards, removing the need to navigate through the Teams interface at all.