February 2023 Release Notes

1. DocuSign Integration Upgrade

Checkbox’s improved DocuSign integration experience enables you to get e-signing even quicker. Simply login with your DocuSign account via the integration tab on the Checkbox platform…and you’re done! More information on how to set up your DocuSign integration can be found at our DocuSign Integration guide.


2. Multi E-signature Accounts

On top of improving the DocuSign experience, Checkbox now supports multiple E-signature accounts. That’s right! You can now add as many DocuSign or Adobe Sign accounts as you need to power your suite of Apps. This will be helpful if you are sharing (or thinking of sharing) your Checkbox account with another team within your organisation.


3. Solution Templates Gallery

Finally, Checkbox has Solution Templates on platform! To get inspiration on what a Solution could, or should look like, simply head over to the Solution tab, and click “+New Solution”, and you’ll now have the option to choose from a suite of pre-configured templates. Our initial set of templates cover the following Solution: 

  • Self-serve NDA Generator
  • Employment Agreement Generator
  • Employment Reimbursement Approval Management
  • Legal Request Intake and Triage

We’ll continue to expand our templates suite – so if there’s a particular template you’d like to see on there, please let us know!


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