Slack Integration (AI Assistant)

Important: Note that Checkbox's Slack integration is only available through the AI Assistant feature. For more information please reach out to your customer success manager.


Checkbox's Slack integration allows you to leverage A.I. to answer end user's questions, or triage to existing Checkbox Apps through the Slack messaging interface.

Note: Each Slack thread corresponds to a conversation in the A.I. Assistant.

Create your Slack App

  1. (Pre-requisite) Create, or navigate to, your AI Assistant.
  2. On the left hand side, click on "Integrations.
  3. On Slack Apps page create a new app. Select "from app manifest".create-an-app-modal.png
  4. Select the workspace you want to publish your app to.SCR-20230714-hnj.png

  5. In Checkbox, copy your App Manifest.
  6. In Slack's app setup and paste in your copied App Manifest. Click "Next".SCR-20230714-hoe.png
  7. On Slack App details page, go to Features > Event Subscriptions and verify the event link. Save the changes. 69565e88-9d72-4831-aaf4-fbd40c3df960.png
  8. Next, on the left side, go to Features > OAuth & Permission and click on Install to Workspace button.
  9. Follow the prompt to authorize the app > copy the generated Bot User OAuth Token and paste it in Checkbox's Slack Integration Bot User OAuth Token field2ae48239-82eb-45e9-91b6-2c02a9c9b123.png
  10. Next, in Slack, go to Settings > Basic Information and scroll down to the App Credentials section and copy the Verification Token. Paste it in the Checkbox Slack Integration App Verification Token field

  11. Next, in Slack, go to Features > App Home > scroll down until Show Tabs section > make sure the checkbox is ticked 841a1e67-893e-4fca-a0c9-577e4404dd7a.png
  12. In Checkbox's Slack Integration side bar > click Save to save the tokens

  13. Open up your Slack app. On the left, click "Add App" and search for the name of your Slack App. Add that App to your Slack workspace.
  14. You've now enabled Slack integration to your AI Assistant! You may now message with this App directly in the messages section.