June 2023 Release Notes

1. Sharepoint integration

The Sharepoint integration is now available in early access. This feature provides an easy and convenient way to create folders and upload documents to Sharepoint. To learn more about the Sharepoint integration, please visit our documentation: https://support.checkbox.ai/hc/en-us/articles/20261573441305

Please talk to your CSM for early access and pricing.


2. Bug fixes

This month we shipped several bug fixes to further polish the Checkbox product:

  1. Bug fixes: Merge Condition : Variable being added in list even if condition doesn't met when we add same variable in merge inputs Block infinite lreoop on bulk assessments
  2. Workflow Group: Introduced an update so that newly added WF members can now see pending in-progress assessments assigned to their WF group (assessments that haven’t been picked up by any of the WF group members). 
  3. Widgets: De-activated users will now have “(Deactivated)” next to their name in charts.
  4. Dropdown/Radios: Improvement to selection/deselection experience.