July 2023 Release Notes

1. AI Assistant

We’re excited to announce the launch of Checkbox’s AI-powered Assistant!

The Assistant allows business users to raise requests by conversationally interfacing with AI. These conversations take place in the platforms the business lives in, like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Email, allowing legal to meet the business where they are.

Powered by Checkbox Apps, corporate policy and documents, the AI Assistant is conversationally compliant, providing responses that are unique to your organisation.

Though intended to be a self-service tool, none of this is in a black box. The conversations are centralised in dashboards that drive visibility around the volume, and type of requests coming in from the business.

For more information check out our news release or speak to your customer success manager.

Additionally, you can find more information on our AI FAQ guide.


2. Bug fixes

This month we shipped several bug fixes to further polish the Checkbox product:

  1. Dropdown field fix: Resolved UI issue around not able to search in certain situations, as well as cases where the dropdown menu might block other input fields.
  2. Fixed login behaviour on embedded dashboards.
  3. Excel library and file output support added to JS block.
  4. Set Variable block fixes: Resolved bugs around variable naming behaviour.
  5. Delete assessment fix: Resolved error preventing assessments from being deleted.