Setting up email intake on AI Assistant

This guide assumes you have set up the AI Assistant and trained the appropriate sources.

Email Configuration

  1. First click into the integrations panel in your AI assistant main page:

  2. Notice the ‘Email Forwarding’ set up is already connected. By default we configure this for you so it is ready to use. You can view and change the settings by clicking the ‘View Settings’ button.

  3. With the side bar open, there are two items which are customisable

    1. Forward incoming email to AI Assistant - This represents the email users can send request to, to begin interacting with the AI Assistant. 

      If you would like your end users to send their emails a more generic email address like you will need to set this up email forwarding in the desired email inbox and autoforward from that inbox to the provided incoming email address for AI Assistant.

      Here is some documentation for popular email clients:

    2. Sender email address - This is the name and email which will be replying to messages emailed to the AI Assistant. Users will see this name in their inboxes.

      You can configure the sender email with a custom domain and name if required. For example, you may want email sent by the AI Assistant to come from the same email as the forwarding inbox you set up in the previous step.
      Screenshot 2024-03-25 at 2.35.38 PM.png
      If you want to configure a custom domain, you can do so by clicking the "Email Domains" link in the above image or by going to your white labelling settings. You will need access to DNS records for SPF and DCIM configuration (this often requires help from your IT team).Screenshot 2024-03-25 at 2.32.39 PM.png


Communicating with the AI Assistant:

Starting a New Request

To start a new request from the AI Assistant, simply send an email with your request to the ‘Forwarding Incoming Email’ configured above.


  • Email signatures will currently affect the quality of response, please remove these if possible

  • To send an email to an Assistant you are required to be added to the assistant in the ‘Permissions’ settings.

  • If your ‘Source’ is an App, users will also need to be added to the ‘Project Team’ to receives links from the AI Assistant to start a new App.

  • Email Subjects are required

  • We only support emails from Outlook or Gmail clients.

Continuing with your Request

If you do not get the desired result or you would like the AI to tweak the result it gives you, you can simply reply to the email. This will preserve your original question and can be used by the AI Assistant as context. If you want to start a new request instead, just send a new email to the address, without replying.