Email Intake

This article explores the various ways in which Checkbox's matter management product supports email intake. These intake methods cater to the different request flows into the legal team.


  • Any user with a Checkbox account can email to create a matter.
  • Users without a Checkbox account cannot create matters via email but can respond to email threads of existing matters only.

Email Intake Methods

Board Intake Email

The primary mechanism for creating matters in Checkbox is via the board intake email. This email address is located under the Board Settings > Integration tab. A default board email address is provided, which can be white-labelled at the admin level.


Email Journeys

1. Direct Email to Attorney

When a request is emailed directly to an attorney:

  • The attorney determines if the email should become a matter.
  • The attorney forwards the email to the board intake email by adding it in the CC field.


Can the tracking email address be put in BCC?

    • Yes, though this approach is not recommended. The attorney must re-add the tracking board intake email to the thread each time they reply to continue tracking the thread.


2. Shared Inbox

In the shared inbox scenario:

  • The attorney replies to any email in the shared inbox.
  • The attorney attaches the tracking board intake email to create the matter.


3. Direct Provision to Business

The board intake email address can be provided directly to the business:

  • Requests from the business can create matters directly via email by using this address.

By utilizing these methods, the legal team can efficiently manage email intake and streamline the matter creation process in Checkbox.