Views In Board

The Views functionality in Checkbox Boards allows you to organize and filter matters in various ways. This guide will explain the types of views and how to use and customize them.

Types of Views

Shared Views

  • Accessible by all board members.

  • Checkbox provides default shared views, including:

    • All Requests
    • Unassigned Matters
    • In Progress Matters
    • Pending Matters
    • Completed Matters
  • You can also create custom shared views to filter specific matter types or priorities, such as:

    • All contract requests
    • High priority matters
    • Attorney-specific pipelines (e.g., Bob’s matters)

Personal Views

  • Customized views that are only accessible to the individual user.

Creating and Editing Views

  • Accessing Views

    • Navigate to the board and locate the Views section at the top of the board table.
  • Filters

    • Use filters to narrow down the set of matters you want to see in a particular view.
    • Steps to apply a filter:
      • Click on Filters.
      • Choose the matter layout.
      • Select a field and set the condition (e.g., to see all contract requests, choose the relevant field and set the condition accordingly).
      • Click Done.
      • Ensure the filter is locked by clicking Apply.
  • Fields

    • Control which columns are shown in the table.
    • Steps to customize fields:
      • Click on Fields.
      • Select or deselect fields to show or hide specific columns.
      • Click Apply to save the changes.
      • Use the Reset button if you want to revert to the default field settings.

By effectively using Views, you can streamline how matters are displayed and managed within your team, ensuring that everyone has access to the relevant information in an organized manner.