Matter View

The Matter View is the primary interface in Checkbox where all information related to a matter is tracked, including communications, files, fields, status, internal notes, comments, and actions. Here’s a detailed guide on how to utilize the Matter View effectively.

Accessing Matters


  • Ticketing Agents and Admins: Can access all matters within their board.
  • Board Members: Can access their own matters but cannot access matters from other boards (e.g., employment matters).

Steps to Access Matters

  1. Navigate to the Top Bar.
  2. Click on Matters.
  3. Select a Board.
  4. In the matter table, click on any available matter to open it.

Key Features of the Matter View

Conversation Thread

  • Email Intake: Matters created via email using the tracking email address will have the conversation in the matter thread.
  • Structured Forms Intake: Attached fields will be populated in the conversation thread.
  • On-Platform Creation: Ticketing agents can create and compose new email threads within the matter.

Matter Layout

  • Each matter has an associated layout, defaulting to General Request.
  • To change the layout:
  1. Click on the ... in the top right corner.
  2. Select Change Matter Layout.
  3. Choose the new layout.

Files Section

  • Aggregates all files exchanged as part of the matter’s correspondence.
  • Files exchanged via email and uploaded via structured forms will be saved here and can be downloaded.

Internal Notes

  • Adding Internal Notes: Used for internal communication between board members, owners, and tagged agents.
    • Tagging: Type the @ symbol followed by the user’s name to tag them. This sends an email notification to the tagged matter agent.
    • Tracking Off-Platform Conversations: Note down phone calls or in-person conversations. Internal notes are time-stamped and can be edited or deleted if needed.

Additional Functionalities

  • Move Matters: Move matters from one board to another via the action menu in the top right corner.
  • Reply to Conversations: Reply to conversations directly in the thread by clicking the Reply or Reply All buttons.
  • Edit Subject Line: Edit the subject line of the matter as needed.

By utilizing these features, you can ensure that all aspects of a matter are efficiently tracked and managed within Checkbox.