Matter Management Permissions


In Checkbox Matter Management, there are two main categories of users: matter agents and non- matter agents.

Matter Agents

These users include legal professionals such as attorneys, legal operations staff, paralegals, legal support staff, and General Counsels (GC) or Chief Legal Officers (CLO).

Non-Matter Agents

All other users who do not perform matter activities fall into this category.


Permissions Overview

All Checkbox users, regardless of their role, have the ability to create a matter. The key distinction between matter agents and non-matter agents lies in their access to platform information such as boards, matters, and reporting.

Permission Settings

Permissions for matter agents are managed through a permission set in the admin panel. To access these settings:

  1. Click on your username in the top right corner.
  2. Select Account Settings.
  3. Under Configuration on the left-hand side, you'll find Permissions and User Management where you can change user roles.

Matter Admin vs. Matter Agent

The primary differences between a matter admin and a matter agent are as follows:

  • Matter Admin: Can create and delete boards, and change board owner status.
  • Matter Agent: Typically participates in boards but does not have the same level of control as a matter admin.

In Checkbox, board ownership and membership are separate from matter agents. Each board represents a different team working within the matter product. For example:

  • Employment Team
  • Commercial Team
  • Special Projects Team

All members of these teams are considered agents, but their access to different boards depends on whether they are board members or owners.

By understanding these roles and permissions, you can effectively manage user access and responsibilities within Checkbox Matter Management.



Account Level Permissions Table

Feature Area

Ticket Admin Permissions

Ticket Agent Permissions



Create and delete boards

View all boards


Can view all boards, and their members but can’t see specific matters

View own boards

Assign board owners


Create, view, update, delete dashboards and add widgets



Board Level Permissions Table

Feature Area

Board Owner

Board Member

Everyone else (Non-Agent)

Board View

Change board level permissions (e.g. to Board Owner)

✅ (Board Owner can assign other Board Owners)

Add matter agents to boards

Create, view, update, and delete shared views

Create, view, update and delete personal Views

Search through view data

Update matter fields

Matter View

View entire matter conversation

Can only read messages that the user is explicitly tagged in

View and download files attached to matter

Can only view messages that the user is explicitly tagged in

Create matters

✅ (All Checkbox users can create matters)