Matter Fields and Layouts

All matters have a corresponding matter layout. These matter layouts are made up of matter fields that are used to manage work through Views In Board and create Widgets in Dashboards.


Note: Only Matter Administrators can edit matter fields and layouts. More information at: Matter Management Permissions


Matter Fields

To access matter fields, head over to the Administrator panel and click on "Matter Fields".

Types of Matter Fields Supported

  1. Short Text: e.g. Titles, Names
  2. Long Text: e.g. Descriptions
  3. Number
  4. Date & Time
  5. Single Select: Region, Priority
  6. Multi Select: Parties, Practice Area(s), Business Unit(s)
  7. User


Matter Fields that can not be edited

Due to their use, the following fields can not be edited:

  1. Assignee
  2. Requestor
  3. Status

Archiving and Restoring Matter Fields

  • To remove a matter field, click "Archive" underneath the action menu.
  • Archived fields will be removed from all layouts.
  • Archived field data will not appear in widgets and dashboards for reporting.
  • When a matter field is restored, it will not be associated with any matter layouts and will need to be manually added to a matter layout.
  • When a matter field is restored, all data previously stored in the field will also be restored.



Matter Layouts

Access the matter layouts in the administrator panel in "Matter Layouts". 


Editing Matter Layouts

Using drag and drop, you can configure matter layouts, their fields, as well as any required or default values for respective fields.


Matter Layouts that can not be archived

Due to its use, the "General Request" layout can not be archived.