Simple Style Doc Builder

IMPORTANT NOTE: This feature is a legacy feature that is no longer available. However, the use of this feature in legacy Apps will remain unchanged and unaffected. If the respective legacy DOC GEN block is removed, you will no longer be able to add this feature back. It is advised that a backup Solution version is kept if this feature is required.

Access Document Builder
When Document Builder Should Be Used
Reference Earlier Inputs
Set Document Rules
Document Loops
Format the Document
Make Multiple Documents
Export the Document


Document Builder is a document creation interface that allows you to automatically generate compliant-by-design documents customised for each user's answers. This is done with the Doc-Gen block.


Access Document Builder

To open the Document Builder:

  1. Click on your Doc-Gen block
  2. Click Open Document Builder


 Clicking Open Document Builder will open a blank document where you can pre-fill the Document with contents of the relevant pro-forma documents.

Using conditions, the Document can then automatically add your user's inputs and include or exclude pre-filled sections based on their inputs.


When Document Builder Should Be Used

Generally, Checkbox's in-app Document Builder should be used, allowing you to automate the production of tailored documents with assistance from the Validator tool which can flag logic and syntax errors.

However, if you want to use formatting not currently supported in the Document Builder, you should instead design a Word Document template that can be uploaded to your app. With this method, you can still access Checkbox's automation benefits.


Reference Earlier Inputs

To automatically add user inputs to your Document:

  1. Click Show Logic and identify the variable reference for the user input you want to reference.


  2. Reference the variable reference in braces in your Document.


Your Document will automatically insert the input for {{TXT339}}.




Set Document Rules

Document rules allow you to include or exclude a section of your pro-forma Document from the final Document, based on a condition.

Document rules are contained in rule tags in the Document Builder. By default, there is one rule tag with an "ALWAYS" output condition covering your entire Document.


Adjust a condition in a rule tag

To write a document rule:

  1. Identify the field code(s) for the inputs you want to base the condition on.
  2. Decide a condition.
  3. Enter your condition and relevant operators into the rule tag.

An example of a valid rule is NUM3 >= 5 or TXT3 == "Banana".

Find out:

  • What makes a condition valid?
  • What field codes can I reference?
  • What operators can I use?


Add rule tags

To add a new rule tag, click the + underneath a rule tag.


Or, click Ctrl+Enter.


To add a sub-rule tag, click Right Arrow underneath a rule tag.


Or, click Ctrl+Right Arrow Key. Promote the sub-rule to a root-level rule by clicking Ctrl+Left Arrow Key.


Define the region covered by a rule tag

To define the beginning of the region:

  1. Move your blinking text cursor to the line one before where you want the region to begin.

  2. Add the rule tag or sub-rule tag.

The region will begin on the line below.


To define the end of the region:

  1. Move your text cursor to the line you want the region to end at.
  2. Add the rule tag or sub-rule tag.

The region will end on that line.


You can check the region covered by a rule tag by:

  • Moving your cursor over that rule tag. The region will be highlighted in green; or
  • Looking at the length of the line between a rule tag and the circle the tag is connected to


Document Loops

Document Loops allows you to create repeating sections of text, while iterating through items in a LIST variable.

Create Document Loop

  1. Click button to toggle section to a document loop
  2. Enter LISTs that you would like to iterate over. Press ENTER to include a new LIST
    • Note that the LISTs must be the same length
    • You can also reference loop output sets here (e.g. LP5_SET1)
  3. Type text and reference values as normal. To reference a loop LIST value, enter {{VAL#}} where # is the VAL reference number. e.g. {{VAL1}}.
    • This will populate with the items in the corresponding LIST, with each iteration showing one item from the LIST.


Format the document

The available formatting features are:

  • Font size
  • Typographical emphasis
  • Text colour
  • Text justification
  • Bullet and number lists


Additional features are:

  • Upload an image
  • Add the Table from an earlier Table page
  • Undo/redo
  • Zoom


Make multiple documents

Click + on the Tab row at the top of your Document. Each Tab is a separate document.



Export the document

The dynamic Document is available for export at the completion of your App. To do this:

  1. Click Complete Project.
  2. (a) To export the current Tab as a Word Doc, click Current (Docx).
    (b) To export all Tabs as a Zip, click All (Zip).