What does the Validator do?

The Validator identifies mistakes in your App and helps you correct them.


Where can I find the Validator?

The Validator bar can be found at the bottom of the App Studio.


You can open and expand the Validator to show more details by clicking onto the validator bar at the bottom. 

The details of the error will show the element, property and issue to help you pinpoint where and what the issue is. See below example:



What are the components of the validator?

 Its default display is a counter of three types of notifications:

Icon Notification Meaning
Studio_Fundamentals_-_Google_Docs_2020-07-28_10-15-55.png Error   A mistake in your App that may stop your assessment from progressing
 Studio_Fundamentals_-_Google_Docs_2020-07-28_10-16-24.png  Warning A block is not connected in your assessment 
 Studio_Fundamentals_-_Google_Docs_2020-07-28_10-16-54.png Information   General guidance



How to identify and fix the error

  1. Click on the validator bar at the bottom of the App Studio to expand for more details
  2. Click on the error in the validator to identify the location of an error in your App
  3. Fix error accordingly

In the below screenshot example, the validator has detected an error in the routing if- condition from FORM1 to FORM6. The condition requirements entered in number inputs should not be wrapped in quotes as it is a number not a String. Learn more about Conditions.


The correct way to express this condition is NUM3 > 50000. The error should now be gone from the validator.




What are the common errors in the validator?

Common errors the Validator will pick up are:

  • Not following condition rules (like in above example)


  • Not adding conditions to arrows that branch out to different paths from the same block


  • Page blocks being disconnected in your assessment


  • Function blocks missing defined output sets. Read more about MERGE AND/OR Conditions