User Management

Administrator Permissions Required

Note that you must have Administrator Permissions for your account to configure user roles.

Accessing the user management window
Creating new users
How to Change User Details and Reset Password


This page addresses:

  • Accessing the User Management window
  • Creating users that can access Project Teams and the Apps 


Accessing the user management window

To access the window for managing user accounts:

  1. Click your username on the top right-hand corner of your page.
  2. On the dropdown menu, click Account Settings.


Creating new users

There are two methods of adding new users: 

To create a single new user:

  1. Click New User.
  2. Provide the new user's name and email (the email will become the user's login username) and select user permission.


To bulk upload multiple users: 

  1. Click Import Users
  2. Click Choose File and select a CSV file with a header row with the names First Name, Last Name, Email, and Role. And the information following that in the rows below.


    Example CSV format
    First Name Last Name Email Role
    Lauren A Administrator
    Ian B Author
    Daniel C Client Manager

     Note: You cannot bulk upload users with different email domains. In the case that there are users with different email domains, you must manually add these new users.

Click here to learn how to assign created users to a Project Team.


How to Change User Details and Reset Password

  1. Go to the "User Management" tab from Account Settings
  2. Click onto the hyperlinked user name you want to edit details for


  3. Change the name, role or reset password



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