Score Tallying System

Building an Automated Scoring System


An automated scoring system allows for certain point  values to be tallied in real time based on the answers users provide. This guide will explain how to design a scoring system, using regulatory compliance as a context.

Implementing this use case requires knowledge from the following pages:


Guide to Building an Automated Scoring System

Some pieces of legislation classify entities based on defining scores to a list of criteria and adding the sum of these scores up.   For example, the  Early Stage Innovation Company (ESIC) classifies a company as Early Stage when a varied number of criteria is satisfied.

The Checkbox platform is able to:

  • Automatically assign and total the scores, based on the answers that the user provides regarding the entity;
  • Classify the entity into one of the pre-defined categories.

To build an automated scoring system for ESIC legislation:

  1. Create a Form to understand which criteria apply to the specified company.

  2. Create a Computation block to store the scores that are associated with each criterion. In this case, data in column A does not have to be included but is helpful as a reference to match the scores and criteria.

  3. Use a Merge block to collate all scores together into one List. Do this by entering the variable that stores the score in the "Variable REF".

  4. In each Merge "Condition", write the criteria of when the score should be assigned to the specified company. In this example, the first score (COMP39_B1) is added to the list when the checkbox is ticked.

    This creates a list of all the scores that the user will "collect" as they answer the questions.

  5. Create a Computation block to sum up this list of scores.

  6. The sum of these scores can now be referenced as "COMP42_A2" in the Report to determine in real-time whether the selected company is early stage.

    In this example, the highlighted paragraph is only shown when the total score is greater than or equal to 100.




Congratulations! You have just learned how to create a score tallying system by yourself, by:

  1. Creating a number of separate checkbox fields.

  2. Mapping those checkboxes to corresponding scores based on whether they were checked via the Merge function, resulting in a LIST variable containing those scores.
  3. Summing up the total value of those scores in a COMP table to produce a single number-type variable containing the total score.
  4. Using this total score to determine and display the outcome.