Role Configuration

Administrator Permissions Required

Note that you must have Administrator Permissions for your account to configure user roles.

Meaning of each permission
Preset roles
Customising each role


Different roles affect how Checkbox account holders can access and manage Apps, Project Teams and other User accounts. A role is defined by the combination of permissions assigned to it.

Note that there are two types of permissions:

  1. An account holder’s role across the platform.
  2. An account holder’s role inside of a Project Team.

This article addresses the first type. The second type is covered in our Project Teams article.


Meaning of each permission

There are 3 categories of permissions:


The User permissions are:

Configure roles
Set roles for other users.
Configure users
Create and delete users.
View Users
See a list of all users.


The App permissions are:

  • Publish apps
  • Edit own apps
  • Edit all apps
  • View all apps


The Project permissions are:

Assign Apps to project teams
Allocate an App to a Project Team.
Manage all project teams
Add and remove Users from the Project Team, change a User’s permissions inside of a Project Team, and edit Project Team details.
Create new project teams
Create a project team for an app to be allocated to. If the User is also a team administrator in the Project Team, they can add and remove Users from the team and change Project Team permissions.
View users / project teams
See a list of Teams and Users within each. 


Preset roles

The five preset roles are:

 Granted all User, App and Project permissions.
Client Manager
Granted the View Users, Publish Apps and View Apps permissions.
Granted all App permissions. 
Project Manager
Granted all Project permissions and the View Apps permission.
Granted no permissions.  


Customising each role

Customising roles requires the Configure roles permission, assigned by default only to an Administrator.

To customise each role:

  1. Click on your account name in the bar on the top of your screen and click Account Settings.

  2. Click Role Configuration.


  3. Select and deselect permissions checkboxes for each role.


To create a new role and define permissions for it:

  1. Click on your account name in the bar on the top of your screen.
  2. Click User Management.
  3. Click Role Configuration.
  4. Click New Role.
  5. Click the ‘New Role’ title to adjust the name and select/deselect the desired permissions.