The DOC GEN Block allows Checkbox users to upload document templates for automation.

These documents are defined by the builders on Checkbox - and will be automated for end users when they pass through the DOC GEN block.

Documents automated via the DOC GEN block can be made visible via the DOC REVIEW block, be referenced as a download link later in the App, or be attached to emails via the EMAIL block.



When should I use DOC GEN?

DOC GEN should be used whenever a bespoke document (e.g. agreements, contracts etc) needs to be generated in an App. Checkbox variables can be used to populate the template uploaded in the DOC GEN block.

For example, in a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) App, the details of both parties signing the contract captured inside a Checkbox App through a variable such as the signee's full name can then be referenced inside the document to be displayed when the document is generated within the App.

Conditional variables can also be used and displayed within the document to create a more complex and bespoke document through your Checkbox Apps.


Introduction Video


Learn more on how to set up your document for automation: