Export/Import Apps

When should you export and import Apps?
How to export an Ap
How to import an App


When should you export and import Apps?

Exporting and importing Apps can be thought of as duplicating Apps. A common use case includes when there are similar Apps that need to be created based on an existing App. This allows you to not have to create the App from scratch and begin with a template.


How to export an App

  1. Access the App listing page by clicking "APPS" in the navigation bar then searching and selecting the App you wish to export

  2. Click into "Versions & Publishing" tab and click the Action icon for the version you wish to export


  3. Click "Export" in the action menu to create a single-use export code

    Note: Export codes are single-use (i.e. once the export is used to import the App, the export code will no longer work another time).


  4. Confirm that you wish to export the App and copy the export code to your clipboard


How to import an App

There are 2 ways to import an App - you can either:

  • create an entirely new App or;
  • create a new version of an App

1. Create a New App

To import an app, you need to have a working export code (shown above).

  1. Hover over the "APPS" tab on the navigation bar and click on "Create New App". Alternatively, you can click on the "+ NEW APP" button in the App listing page.


  2. In the pop up, select the Import App tab and paste the working export code then click "CREATE APP"


  3. You will be taken to the individual page for that app, where you can then edit and publish just like any App that you would create yourself. This code has now been consumed and cannot be used again.


2. Create a New Version


  • To import an app, you need to have a working export code (shown above)
  • You must use the export code to import an App version in a separate App (i.e., you cannot export or import an App version to the same App)
  1. Navigate to the App you wish to import your exported App and click onto the "Versions & Publishing" tab


  2. Click the "+ NEW VERSION" button


  3. Go to the "Import Version" tab in the pop up and set the version details then paste the working export code


  4. Click the "IMPORT VERSION" button to complete the import action.