Export/Import Versions and Apps

Exporting an App
Importing an App
Import an App as a Version


Exporting an App

When you are logged into your Checkbox account, access the landing page of the app by clicking Apps in the navigation bar and selecting the app.

1. Click into Versions & Publishing, and click the Action icon for the version you wish to export.


2. Click the Export button to create a single-use export code, which you can share as you wish. 


Importing an App

To import an app, you need to have a working export code (shown above).

1. Login to Checkbox, and create a new app using the New App button.

In the New App dialog box, select the Import App tab:


Paste the code that you have been provided, then click Create App.

You will be taken to the individual page for that app, where you can then edit and publish just like any app that you would create yourself. This code has now been consumed and cannot be used again.

Importing an App as a Version

To import an app as a version, attain an Export Code of the app you want to import.

  1. Click Versions & Publishing from the landing page of the app.


  2. Click + New Version.


  3. In the Import Version tab, paste the Export Code that was copied to the clipboard and provide app details.

  4. Click Import Version.

    The app what was exported will then be imported as a version to the other app.