Checkbox v1.2, Released on 10/04/2019

Continuing with our commitment to deliver the worlds best no-code platform to our fantastic customers (that’s you!), we’ve released some brand new features, updates and improvements to the Checkbox platform.

Please read below for a description of all our new features.


Workflow Improvements

We’ve improved our Workflow functionality to make it even smoother changing between users in multi-user assessments.

Check out our Workflow wiki here


Enhanced Dashboard Widgets (Premium Feature Only) *

We’ve added the ability to preview dashboards and widgets as you’re designing them with live data from your apps, making it easier than ever to get data insights.

Check out the wiki here.


Bulk Assessments

We’ve seen an increasing number of you looking to generate multiple documents at once, or get insights from a significant number of data sets, so we’ve added a bulk assessment feature. This allows you to complete multiple assessments at once through a spreadsheet upload.

Check out the Wiki here.


User Interface/Functionality Improvements

  • We’ve updated the Document Builder tag editor to make editing longer logic tags easier.

  • We now allow for references to the current user's email address when completing assessments, and the inclusion of links to the assessment with the email.

  • We’ve added functionality when using a document template, and now support dynamic tables and different field formats (numbers, dates). Check out the Wiki here.

  • We have now added a search bar for our assessments, apps, project teams, team members and users pages, allowing you to easily find what you’re looking for.


Bulk Upload of Files

We have improved our File Upload field in Forms, now allowing multiple files to be uploaded together when interacting with a File Upload field. By addressing the single file upload limitation, app authors no longer need to worry about not having enough File Upload fields for any end users.

Check out the Wiki here.


Support Current Owner’s Email Address and Current Assessment URL for Email Notification

We've introduced two unique variable fields when configuring e-mail notifications or scheduling tasks, allowing for an assessment to be sent to the current owner of the assessment (useful when there are workflow stages) and to include a link to the assessment for further reference. More detail can be found in the Schedule Tasks and E-mail wiki pages.


Enhancements to Exporting Data via CSV

We have added more functionality to our CSV export of assessment data feature, making your data extraction experience with Checkbox more complete. The improvements that have been made are:

  • Only variables that have been exposed will be included in the CSV export.

  • The signing date of Report documents processed through DocuSign can be recorded in CSV exports.

  • Where a List variable is exposed and recorded in a CSV, one row will be created in the CSV file per entry. 


It’s been an absolute pleasure to release these features to you and we hope you’ll love them as much as we do! As always we appreciate your feedback and love being on this journey with you!

Best wishes from the Checkbox Team!


* Functionality is only available to customers with access to Premium Checkbox Features. For queries related to your licence agreement, contact your Checkbox Account Manager.