Conditional Assessments

Setting the scene
Step-by-step instructions


Setting the scene

The situation: you want to find out your employees' travel expenditure in 2017, and ask them suitable questions depending on this amount.


Step-by-step instructions

To create this conditional workflow:

  1. Add a Form block to ask for travel expenditure. After selecting the block, click ‘Open Form Builder’.


  2. Add a ‘Paragraph’ and ‘Number Input’. Modify this paragraph to ask employees for details of their travel expenditure.


  3. Add a ‘Paragraph’ and ‘Text Input’. Change this paragraph to ask employees for the reason of exceeding their budget. 


  4. Click on the paragraph containing this questions and toggle the switch so that it is conditional. Add the condition under which the question should be asked. In this case, the question should appear when their expenses exceeds $50,000. The condition then would be “NUM2 > 50000”, where NUM2 is the variable containing the expenditure amount.


  5. Repeat this so the text input allowing users to enter their reason also appears when that condition is met.
  6. Click back into the Studio and add a LIST block in. This can be used for employees to detail the flights that they expended during this year. Create a route from the Form page to the List page.

    This route can contain a condition so the user is asked to list out their flights only if they exceeded their budget. In this case, the condition would again be “NUM2 > 50000”. To use this, click on the Route, and in the Route IF field, enter the condition.


  7. Add an End block and create a route from the Form page to the End block. This creates an alternate route for users who are under their budget.

  8. You can see the conditions of each route in the Studio by clicking Show Logic.

  9. Click Preview in the top bar to see what your end-users will experience.


Congratulations! You have just created an app that uses conditional pathways to form a dynamic assessment.