Reassign a Workflow User

Who can reassign a workflow user?

Only Team Administrators of a Project Team can change the current owner of an assessment at any stage, except when the assessment is complete. This includes when the status of an assessment is awaiting approval or acceptance. Learn more on Project Team User Permission Levels.

Note: The Team Administrator of a Project Team will only be able to reassign a workflow user if the Workflow block has been configured for a multi-user assessment. Learn more on multi-user assessments using the Workflow block.

Why would you change the assigned workflow user?

Force majeures happen all the time! For example, if the Head of the department was on leave, but an urgent document is assigned to them and required their approval, the Team Administrator of the Project Team can re-assign this assessment to a person that can approve on their behalf.

How to change assignee

  1. As a Project Team Admin, navigate to the respective App on the left panel in a given Project Team


  2. Make sure that the Widget shown is changed from “Completed” to “In Progress"


  3. Click on the 3 dots under the “Actions” column and click on “Change Assignee” to reassign a workflow user


  4. From the pop-up menu, select a user to reassign the assessment

    Note: The selection of users available for reassigning is limited to the Team Members of the Project Team. In this case, the only Team Member in John’s Project Team includes Checkbox Team, Jane Smith and John Smith. Learn how to add Team Members into a Project Team.


  5. After confirming, the new assignee will receive an email notification with a link to the assessment.

    Note: Even if the user has disabled workflow email notifications, they will still receive an email that they have been reassigned as the new assignee for the assessment. Learn more on disabling workflow email notifications.

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