Running a Multi-User Assessment as an End-User

End-User Perspective

  1. Once an end-user completes their section of the assessment, they will land on a workflow page to review their work and submit it to the next assigned Workflow Group or user. See example below.


  2. The end-user will be prompted to confirm their submission. See examples below.


Next Workflow Group or User Perspective

  1. When the assessment is received or picked up, the next assigned Workflow Group or user will land on a page to review the previous responses and decide either the Send Back or continue the assessment by clicking “Next”. See example below.


    Note: The user that receives and continues the handover will become the owner of the assessment and have their subsequent responses recorded under their account name. The owner’s account name will only be shown inside a Widget under the “Owners” column (See example below) unless otherwise referenced using meta variables. See the list of all meta variables.


  2. If the Workflow Group or user decides to continue the assessment, they will be prompted to confirm their decision. Once confirmed, they will be assigned ownership of the assessment and their responses will be recorded under the name of the user. See examples below.


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