Project Team User Permission Levels

The available permission levels are:


Permission Create Assessment View Own Assessments View All Assessments Assessment Count View Transcript and Document Delete Assessment Export Assessments Manage Workflow and Widgets Schedule Tasks Reassign App to Another User
View Own Assessments Yes Yes  No   No  No   No    No   No   No  No
View All Assessments Yes Yes Yes Yes   No   No   No   No   No  No 
Team Administrator Yes Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes Yes  Yes   Yes  Yes Yes 


  • The owner of Assessments can also view the Transcript and Document of completed
    Assessments even if they do not have the Team Administrator permission levels.
  • The a user who is assigned next in the workflow can not view the transcript once the Assessment has progressed in the workflow beyond their point of contribution.



For Multi-App Project Teams:

  • Users have the permission to View All Apps
  • Team Administrator and users with the account level permission 'Assign Apps to Project Teams' can add multiple apps into the Project Team

To set each user’s permission level:

  1. Click Project Teams in top navigation bar and select your Project Team.
  2. Click Team Members.
  3. In the Permission Level column, define permissions for each user.



Using Permissions

To view the list of assessments:

  1. From the Project Teams home page, click on a Project Team that you are a part of.
  2. Click Assessments in the left panel.

After clicking Assessments, account holders who have the Review Team Assessments permission level can view Transcripts and Reports by:

  1. Opening the Completed Assessments widget.
  2. For the row relevant to your assessment, clicking the Actions button.
    (a) Clicking the View Transcript button.
    (b) Or clicking the View Report button.

The Assessment's Current Owner can then edit the Transcript.