Approval Workflow

Why would you send your assessment for approval? 

Approval workflows are common business processes that require someone to sign off on your assessment at a certain stage.

For example, before the sales team sends a service agreement or contract to a client, the contents may require approval from the legal team. If the agreement or contract is approved, it will be sent to the client. However, if the agreement or contract is rejected, the sales team may need to make amendments and resubmit for approval.

How to send your assessment for approval

Before setting up your Workflow block to send an approval workflow, it is best practice to understand and create a Workflow Group first. Learn how to set up a Workflow Group.

  1. In Studio, drag a Workflow block and click on it to open the Property Editor.

  2. Make sure that the “Send for Approval” option is selected. 

    Note: By default, the “Send for Approval” option will be selected in the Workflow block.


  3. Customise your approval workflow with the options provided. See below for details.


    Approver can view all previous answers: this option is used when you have more than one Workflow block in your assessment and want to specify permissions to Workflow Groups to view and approve all or parts of the assessment.

    • If checked, the Workflow Group selected can view all previous answers since the beginning of an assessment. See example below.


    • If unchecked, only answers between that particular Workflow page and the previous Workflow page can be viewed. See example below.


      Leaving the box checked or unchecked only has an effect if your app has more than ONE Workflow block.

      b. Rejection Branch: this option is used to create an additional route for the assessment if the submitted assessment is rejected. The next section after a rejection can be the same as or different to the next section following an approval. Learn more on Rejection Branches.

      c. Disable workflow notification emails: this option is universal to all Workflow blocks and disables all workflow notification emails. Learn more on turning off workflow emails.

      Note: Once an assessment is submitted for approval, all members of the Workflow Group will be emailed a link for approval. Any Workflow Group member will be allowed to make the approve, send back or reject decision.

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