Send a Reminder Email

Who can send a reminder email?

Only Team Administrators of a Project Team can send a reminder email to the current owner of an assessment. Reminders can only be sent to assessments with workflow that are in-progress. 

Why would you send a reminder email?

For some users, especially those in executive positions, workflow notification emails can get lost in their overloaded inboxes. Other users may simply forget to complete an assessment and become roadblocks in a process. Also, if workflow notification emails are disabled and the user has not yet completed the assessment, they may require a reminder to meet the deadline.

How to send a reminder email

  1. As a Project Team Admin, navigate to the respective App on the left panel in a given Project Team


  2. Make sure that the Widget shown is changed from “Completed” to “In Progress”


  3. Click on the 3 dots under the “Actions” column and click on “Send Reminder”


  4. After sending the reminder, the current owner in the “Owners” column will receive an email notification with a link to the assessment. In this case, a reminder email will be forwarded to John Smith through his account email (e.g.

Can I automate reminder emails?

You can automate reminder emails by implementing Scheduled Tasks. This will allow reminders to be sent automatically at a specified time, reducing the time spent on manually sending reminders, especially if there are large volumes of assessments.


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