E-Signature Status on Custom Dashboard

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Why would you want to view the E-Signature Status of Assessments?

Your App Widgets in the Project Team Dashboard can be configured to display the status of each of the signatures required. This creates visibility on the progression of each Assessment that utilises e-signatures. With this increased transparency, users can also send reminders to get the relevant stakeholders to e-sign documents if taking too long.


What does the E-Sign Status of Assessments look like?

This “Completed” App Widget shows the E-Sign Status of the complete Assessment.


You can also hover over the status for more details.


Multiple statuses can be shown because an app may be completed more than once, and for each iteration (or assessment), DocuSign features may be used for a different set of recipients.

View e-signature status messages that can be shown on the Widget here.


How to customise the Widget to show E-Signature Status

  1. Click on Project Teams on the navigation bar
  2. Search and click on the Project Team containing the relevant app


  3. In the left panel, click onto the relevant App with the E-Sign block and go to “Widgets”


  4. Select the Widget you would like to edit (e.g. Completed, In Progress etc)
  5. Click on the “Select a column to add field” to add columns to the List View Widget
  6. Add the “ESIGN_STATUS#” column heading along with other desired headings (In this case, “ESIGN_STATUS14”)


  7. Rename the Column Header (E.g. “ESIGN_STATUS14” to “E-Sign Status”)


  8. Scroll down and click “Save”

  9. Repeat steps 4-8 to keep Widgets columns consistent (e.g. If E-Sign Status is added to the “Completed” Widget, it is best practice to also add E-Sign Status column to the “In Progress” Widget)

    Note: If you want to create a fully customised Widget, learn more here.

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