Project Team: Download Signed Documents



Once all e-signatures have been collected from all stakeholders, the signed document will be emailed to the signatories and CC recipients or can also be downloaded through the Project Team Dashboard.

How to download signed documents

  1. Click on Project Teams on the navigation bar

  2. Search and click on the Project Team containing the relevant app


  3. Click onto the relevant App on the left panel.

  4. Select the relevant widget (i.e. “Completed”, “In Progress” etc)


  5. For the Assessment that has a “Completed” E-Sign Status, click on the dotted icon under the Actions column and select “View Doc” and the relevant document/report. Learn how to add the E-Sign Status to your List View Widget.


  6. Ensure you have selected the correct document/report and click on the “DOWNLOAD” dropdown to download the “SIGNED(.PDF)” document.


    Note: Documents created in Document Builder will be displayed on this page. The document in this example is an uploaded rich style document and therefore is not displayed on this page.



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