Add Project Team Members


Why do users need to be added to a Project Team?

For private Assessments, end users with Checkbox accounts within the organisation must be added to a Project Team to run the private Assessments as well as access and analyse the data entered into the deployed App(s).

For public Assessments, only Team Administrators are required to be added to the Project Team to manage the distribution of the public Assessment URL and the security code (if enabled) as well as access and analyse the data retrieved from the end users on the dashboard.


How to Add Project Team members

Note: Users must be a part of the Checkbox platform already to be added to a Project Team, see how this is done here.

  1. Navigate to the Project Team you wish to add the user(s) to

  2. Click onto the "Team Members" tab and then click  "+ Assign Users"

  3. Search and select the users you wish to add to the Project Team and set the Team permission for the user to be added
  4. Alternatively, you can add users to a Project Team in bulk by preparing a pre-determined list of emails associated to the Checkbox account of users in a comma-separated format and pasting this into the "Name or Email address" field

    For example:
    Note: When adding users in bulk, all users will have the same Team Permission that is set. For more information on what this is and how to make adjustments, click here.

  5. If the users are added in bulk as shown in step 3, the Checkbox system will identify the users through their unique email and select the relevant users as shown in the screenshot below. Click "CONFIRM" to add these users.