Adding Project Team Members


To access and analyse the data entered into an app, users need to be added to a Project Team. Particularly, for internal apps, users need to be part of a Project Team to run assessments.

Checkbox allows Project Team members to be added in bulk, as well as one at a time through clicking items from a menu of usernames.

Users need to be a part of the Checkbox platform already, see how this is done here.


To add Project Team members:

  1. Reach the Project Team landing page by clicking on Project Teams in the top navigation bar and selecting your Project Team. 
  2. Click Team Members and then + Assign Users.
  3. If you have a pre-determined list of emails in comma-separated format, paste this into the "Name or Email address" field.


  4. These will now all be ready to add to the Project Team by clicking Confirm.


* Note that when doing so, all users will have the same Team Permission. For more information on what this is and how to make adjustments, click here.