Dynamic Fields


Why would you use dynamic fields?

Dynamic fields allow Authors to display Form elements only when a certain condition is met. This will then result in smart forms that change dynamically depending on the end users responses. This is done using conditions with operators and variable references.

For example, in the following video example, if the Counterparty is an Australian registered entity, an input field for the ABN will appear for the end user. Otherwise, the input field for Registered Company/Business number will appear.

How to create dynamic fields

  1. Click into a FORM block in the App Studio and click on “OPEN FORM BUILDER”

  2. Click onto an input field that has been added to the FORM that you want only to appear if a particular condition is met

    For example, in this case, we want to ensure that PARA13 and TXT14 only appear if the end user selects “Other” in the previous radio button choices (RAD12)

    Note: It is best practice to rename variables for easier recognition and referencing. Learn more about renaming variables. 


  3. At the bottom of the right panel, click onto the “Conditional” toggle and define the Condition that must be true (i.e. the requirement that the end-user has to meet) for the selected question to appear. 

    Learn more about Conditions to understand how to write a requirement. Any variable in an App can be used to write conditions.


    Ensure that the Paragraph fields of the relevant input field also share the same condition. In the above example, steps 2-3 should be repeated for PARA13 to ensure that both PARA13 and TXT14 appear if the end user selects “Other” for RAD12.


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