Field Formatting


When is Field Formatting used?

Field formatting allows for the customisation of the formatting for Number Input and Date fields.

Number Input field:

  1. Drag in or click onto a Number Input that has been added to the FORM


  2. In the Property Editor on the right panel, customise the formatting by using the “Format Options” and view the changes under “Preview”

    Note: All format options are described at the bottom of this article.


  3. (Optional) Enter a prefix (e.g. ‘US$’) if relevant to your question and view the changes under “Preview”. Up to 4 prefix characters can be used

    Note: This option is especially useful when collecting monetary values or currencies 

Number Input - Format Options:

Icon Option Description
Data_Capture_Section_-_FORM_-_Google_Docs_2020-09-04_13-18-14.png Percentage The number will be multiplied by 100 and a ‘%’ sign will be added at the end
Data_Capture_Section_-_FORM_-_Google_Docs_2020-09-04_13-18-45.png Digit Separation Every three digits will be separated by a comma


Decimal Right One more decimal place will be shown (up to four decimal places)


Decimal Left

One less decimal place will be shown