Mark Assessments as Sensitive


Why make an Assessment sensitive?

Typically, the progress and outcome of assessments can be viewed by users in the Project Team with "View All Assessments" permissions, even if they are not the creator or the currently assigned workflow group. However, assessments can be marked as “Sensitive” so only the people involved and users with Team Administrator permissions can view the assessment.

Who can view a sensitive Assessment?

When assessments are "Sensitive", only the creator, current owner, and users with team administrator permissions can see that this assessment exists.

Note: The current owner is different from the creator if there is workflow functionality in the app and refers to the currently assigned workflow group.

Even users with a “View All Assessments”/”View Own Assessments” permission level will not be able to view sensitive assessments if they are not the creator or current owner. This is advantageous if there is sensitive information that should be censored from other users in the same Project Team who are not involved in this assessment.

Example Scenarios:

Scenario 1: User 1 creates a sensitive assessment and uses workflow to pass the assessment to User 2. In this case, both User 1 (Creator) and User 2 (Owner) can view the assessment.

Scenario 2: User 1 creates a sensitive assessment and uses workflow to pass the assessment to User 2 who passes it to User 3. Here, only User 1 (Creator) and User 3 (Owner) can view the assessment, assuming that User 2 is not a Team Administrator. If User 2 is a Team Administrator, they can also see the assessment.



Display sensitivity status on the Project Team dashboard

The sensitivity of an assessment can be displayed in a column when viewing assessments by using Widgets and adding it as a column. Read more about adding information through Widgets here.



How to mark Assessments as sensitive

Note: The following steps must be taken by a user with Team Administrator permissions in a Project Team

  1. Click onto an App inside a Project Team to view the Assessment dashboard


  2. Click on the Actions icon and select "Mark as Sensitive"

    Note: Once an assessment is marked as Sensitive, team members with the "Team Administrator" permission level can still view the assessment, as well as the Creator and Owner. This setting can be reverted in the same approach with "Mark as Non-Sensitive".