Convert List Variables to Computation Cells

Step-by-step instructions


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When writing pages, documents or conditions, it may be useful to dynamically reference List entries.

However, List variables face these limitations:

  • When referencing List variables in pages and documents, the List entry or entries will appear in bullet points.
  • When writing conditions, the use of List variables is invalid.

As long as a List has only one entry, these List limitations can be overcome by converting the List variable to a Computation cell. The list variable will then behave like a Comp cell field, which can either be a number or a string, depending on the cell's contents.


Step-by-step instructions

To convert a List variable to a Comp cell:

  1. Identify the field code for a List that will always have only one entry.
  2. Add a Computation page after the identified List.
  3. Inside of a cell in the Comp, write ={{LIST#}}, LIST# being the field code for the selected List. Note the COMP field code for this cell.
    Figure 1: Syntax for converting List variables to Comp cells
  4. In pages or conditions where you want to use the List field code, use the COMP field code from Step 3. instead.
    Figure 2: Route IF condition that in effect references LIST15 


=List works differently to {{List}}. This technique is only recommended for lists or scenarios when there will only be one list entry, like in a  index-match function.