Checkbox v1.5, Released on 15/08/2019

Please read below for a description of all our new features and updates.

Parallel Workflow (Beta)

The existing workflow functionality has been expanded to support Parallel Workflows, allowing for multiple streams to be kicked off simultaneously (and assigned to different users) within one application at the same time. The Parallel workflow finishes once all individual workflow streams have been completed. 

As an example, you can assign multiple divisions to review and complete their separate business processes without depending on each other. The progress/completion of the multiple workflow branches can be viewed in a List View Widget inside Project Teams.

Parallel Workflow can be designed in the Studio using the new Parallel and Sequence blocks. To learn more,  visit our Wiki article here.


Routing Back (Beta)

Previously, logic routes can only direct users to pages they hadn’t already accessed. This has been enhanced so routing logic can loop back infinitely until a particular condition is met.

When returning to an already completed block/page, previously entered data is pre-filled and users are able to modify information on the pages.

As an example, apps can be designed so users are looped back repeatedly until all the items in a checklist have been ticked off. 


Shift from Public to Private Assessment

This public to private assessment feature allows users to start an app from a public URL (public assessment) and then assign/transition it to an internal user (private assessment). The existing Workflow block can be used to trigger this changeover. 

Once users completing the assessment through the public URL reaches the “Change Assignee” workflow block, Checkbox will send an email notification to the assigned internal user/group to continue the rest of this assessment.

Check out the Workflow Wiki for more information here.


'Sensitive Assessment' Restrictions

Assessments can be marked as “sensitive” so only the creator, current owner and team administrator can view the assessment. This overrides any Project Team permissions (except team administrator) and is only applicable on the assessment level. 

Note: the current owner is different to the creator if there is workflow functionality in the app and refers to the currently assigned workflow group.

Users with a “View All Assessments”/”View Own Assessments” permission level will not be able to view sensitive assessments if they are not the creator or current owner.

This is advantageous if there is sensitive information that only the people involved in this assessment should see and should be censored from other users in the Project Team. If it is no longer sensitive, this sensitivity can be reverted to “Non-sensitive”.

To read more about this, check out the Wiki Here


Option to Disable External Access to App

Team Administrators can disable the option for Public URL deployment on applications, supporting Intellectual Property protection requirements.

Read more in the wiki here


Design Improvements to the  “App Versioning & Publishing” page

We have simplified the “App Versioning & Publishing” page match the design of other pages throughout the platform. 

Authors can now export any version, even ones which have not yet been published.

Further, we have removed the need to mark versions as “Complete”, meaning that versions can be published without having to mark them as complete.

Check out the wiki on publishing versions here


 It’s been an absolute pleasure to see and release these features to you and we hope you’ll love them as much as we do! As always, we’d love to hear your comments and feedback as you try them.

Best wishes from the Checkbox Team!