Versioning Apps

Creating Versions
Making changes to your published Apps

Checkbox has a versioning system to manage iterations of an app. Creating versions allows changes to published apps without overwriting previous versions.


Creating Versions

We should always keep track of the changes made since the app could be altered by a number of different users and the changes may not be immediately apparent. It is best practice to create another version once you have made significant progress and need to back up this work, or when you have completed a version.

To create another version:  


  1. Click on Apps in the top navigation bar, and locate your app. From this landing page, click Versions & Publishing.


  2. Here you can create a +New Version and inherit the version you want to copy. This creates an identical but editable version of the app you're inheriting.

    Note: Use descriptive Version Names and Version Descriptions so it is easily understandable in the future.
    + For example, Version 1.0 might have the description Section 1-3 Completed. 

  3. Once you have created the new version, you will be taken into the Studio of this version of the app to make the required changes.


Making changes to your published Apps

When versions are published, they can no longer be edited. To make changes to published apps, you need to re-publish another version, making it the latest published version. This will immediately be the version that is accessed when creating new assessments.

To publish another version:

  1. Inside the Versions & Publishing section, click the Action icon for this version.

  2. Click Publish


Publishing a version will now make it the latest published version of the application.


To make it clearer, here are a few scenarios:

Scenario 1: Manager publishes Version 1.0 and a user starts an assessment shortly after. Before the user finishes the assessments, the manager publishes Version 2.0. When the user returns to the assessment, they will be continuing Version 1.0 of the application.

Scenario 2: Manager publishes Version 1.0 and then Version 2.0 before any users begin assessments. When the user begins an assessment, they will be using Version 2.0 of the application.

Scenario 3: Manager publishes Version 1.0, then Version 2.0 and then re-publishes Version 1.0. When the user begins and assessment, they will be using Version 1.0.