Customise Workflow Emails

Why do you need Workflow Emails?

Users are notified to pick up and approve, or to continue an assessment, through email notifications. These emails can be customised to include guidance instructions, and context, to smoothen the transfer of assessments between multiple users. These custom workflow emails can be configured for all workflow blocks (including parallel and sequence).

How to Customise Workflow Emails:

  1. Click on the Workflow block where you want the email to be sent from.

  2. On the bottom right of the Property Editor, click on Email Builder.


  3. Select the email templates from the panel on the left. Your selection will be highlighted in gray. 

    Note: If you are using workflow “Assign To Next User”, your email choices will be: (i) Email To Next Group/User and/or (ii) Email Sent Back From Next User. Every other email option will only apply to workflow blocks that use “Approval”.


  4. Customise the email subject and body. Both of these fields support custom static text and dynamic referencing of variables including meta variables. See the list of all meta variables.


  5. Once satisfied, select the ‘Close’ button to exit the email builder.

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