Checkbox v1.25, Released on 27/07/21

1. Widget Enhancements

Widgets have now been improved to support more robust reporting and data analytics. The summary of the changes include: 


  • Date range filters can now be applied to Widgets. Both date metavariables and exposed date variables can be used for this filter
  • You can now define how the results should be calculated on your Widget using the new Measure section
  • Solution Widgets can now be copied
  • For bar, pie and line charts, the "Visualisation" dimension (previously “Group by” dimension) now only accepts radio buttons, drop-downs, user, date, text, list, and checkboxes as variable types. This includes meta variables and COMP variables that belong to the above variable types
  • For bar, pie and line charts, you can now configure the Widget to show as many results as you want to display, up to 20 groups. Any further groups will be gathered into an 'Other' category, based on the sort by logic (specifically for bar and line charts). If 'None' is selected for sorting logic, then the 'Other' group will be comprised of random groups
  • List variables are supported in list view Widgets, bar and line charts
  • Widget name character limit has been increased to 100 characters

Line Charts: 

  • Line charts can now be created along with bar charts, pie charts and list view widgets and added to the Dashboard
  • Line charts can be sorted in None (default), Ascending or Descending order

Bar Charts: 

  • Bar charts can now also be displayed as stacked bar charts
  • Bar charts can now be sorted in None (default), Ascending or Descending order

List View: 

  • You can now adjust the column width of each column to your liking when viewing List View Widgets


2. Dashboard Enhancements 

Dashboards have now been improved to display information with more flexibility for reporting and data analytics. The summary of the changes include:

  • Any member (including Team Owners) of a Project Team can now temporarily filter Widgets on the Dashboard. This temporary filtering will override the original filter configuration for that Widget. As soon as the temporary filtering is exited or 'reset', the Widget will be reset to its original filter configuration. Multiple users can temporarily filter the same Widget simultaneously as temporary filtering is unique to each user's browser
  • When adding Widgets to the Dashboard, you can now resize each Widget to customise the look and feel of your Dashboard
  • You can now create up to 10 Solution Dashboards


3. Create new Solution versions via Solution export codes 

Using the Solution export code, you can now create new Solution versions. 

Note: The new features included in the Widget and Dashboard Enhancements requires a premium feature licence as it involves creating and editing Widgets and Dashboards. Please contact your Customer Success Manager for more information.