Important Note

The Inbox page is now the default page every user will land on after logging in.


What is the Inbox?

The Inbox page is the landing page users will land on by default after logging in. It displays all in-progress Assessments that the user currently owns across different Project Teams into a single list. This saves time for your end users from having to navigate through various Project Teams to find and run their respective Assessments.

Each Assessment row displays relevant key details that are based on exposed and meta variables. These details can be configured for each App by the respective Solution Owners and Authors. See below for how to configure the Inbox.

Also, for each Assessment row, you can directly make all the actions that are available for a typical List View Widget:

  • Edit Assessment (you can either click onto the Assessment row to edit or click into the ellipsis in the "Actions" column)
  • Change Assignee (if you are the Team Owner)
  • Mark as Sensitive
  • Delete Assessment
  • View Transcript
  • View Doc


How can I access the Inbox?

The Inbox page is the landing page users will land on by default after logging in. You can navigate back to the Inbox by clicking on the "Inbox" tab on the main navigation bar at the top of the screen.


How to configure the Inbox

Note: You must be a Solution Owner or Solution Author of the respective Solution to configure the Inbox for each App

Since the Inbox is a collated view of all Assessments of different Apps from different Project Teams, giving the appropriate context of each Assessment to the user is crucial. Follow the steps below to configure what your end users will see when their Assessments land in their Inbox for each App in your Solution:

  1. Navigate to the Solution where you want to configure the Inbox Assessment details

    Note: Ensure that you are on your desired Solution version

  2. On the left panel, click onto to App name you wish to configure the Inbox Assessment details for

  3. In the expanded view, click on the "Inbox" tab to open the Inbox configuration page for the selected App

  4. Using the dropdown bar and "+ ADD" button, select the exposed variables and meta variables you wish to show to the user for any Assessment created

    Note: Only up to 10 variables can be added. Last Edited, App Name and Project Team Name are already shown in the Inbox by default.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Inbox configurations for each App are specific to the Solution version. The Inbox configuration will be carried across if a Solution version is inherited when creating a new version.