Checkbox v1.33, Released on 16/06/22

1. Custom Status Block

You can now configure and manage custom statuses within your Apps natively without needing to use COMP and Javascript blocks. Furthermore, parallel branches maintain different statuses, and status changes are reverted when going back past an existing status block preserving changes in case users unintentionally go down a given route.

Learn more about Custom Status Block.

2. Integration with Xakia and LawVu

ADD ONS: These Integrations are add-ons and are not included in the base licence package 

The first of many more to come, Checkbox is introducing out-of-the-box connectors with your most important systems of record. We have started with connectors built for our corporate legal customers using Xakia and LawVu. You can now integrate your Apps directly with your matter management tool of choice, allowing it to act as a source of truth for all your automation and intake data. 

Learn more about integrating with Xakia.

Learn more about integrating with LawVu.

3. Multi-language Support

Checkbox now supports all languages in logic evaluation, rich text content and document generation.

4. 'Powered by Checkbox' Branding

All assessments will now have a 'Powered by Checkbox' logo enabled by default in the action bar.

5. Email text formatting consistency improvements

We've now fixed the issue where Email content received by users did not necessarily match the formatting in the rich text editor configured by Authors, mainly regarding paragraph spacing and dot point formatting.

6. Product feedback portal

We've now embedded a portal within our platform so that Authors can view from within Checkbox our upcoming initiatives, vote on and provide feedback on initiatives we're evaluating, and submit any new ideas they might have! Authors can see this by clicking on their user name dropdown at the top right of the screen and selecting the 'Checkbox portal' menu item.

7. 'Everyone in your organisation' behaviour changes

We've made a few quality of life improvements for Teams that have 'Everyone in your organisation' toggled on. All users in the organisation will now show up as members of a team and can be assigned App permissions and to workflow groups without needing to add them twice.