LawVu integration



Checkbox's LawVu integration allows you to automate the creation of LawVu matters from within Checkbox Apps, allowing you to create rich, dynamic intake decision trees and sophisticated automation Apps while keeping all your data & documents in one place on LawVu.

Connect your LawVu instance to Checkbox

Our integration works by connecting a specific user account on LawVu to your Checkbox instance. We recommend creating a dedicated LawVu integration user account to connect to Checkbox instead of using an existing user's account.

Once you have selected your LawVu account, connecting it with Checkbox is simple:

  1. Log in to Checkbox
  2. Click on your name, and select the 'Account Settings' menu item
  3. Click on 'Integrations' in the left sidebar
  4. Click on the LawVu card to bring up the configuration settings & click on the 'Connect account' button.
  5. When you are redirected to LawVu, log in with the chosen integration user account's profile
  6. Upon successful login, you should see a confirmation that your integration has been successfully connected.

Add & configure the LawVu connector in your Apps.

Once you've set up the integration following the instructions above, a LawVu block will appear in your Studio, which you can now drag and drop onto your App canvas.

Create a matter

Once you've selected the 'Create a matter' function, you will need to specify what type of matter you want to create. Then you can determine what values you want to populate the chosen matter category's fields with, noting that variables can be injected with {{ }} tags into the Matter Name, Description and other free text fields only. Other fields can be mapped to Checkbox variables as desired.

This function will also create two new variables which can be renamed, but by default are named:

  • NewMatter_ID: This refers to the non-user-friendly resource identifier of the newly created matter and is used by subsequent LawVu blocks to identify which Matter to connect to.
  • NewMatter_LVMatterID: This refers to the user-friendly identifier that looks like LV0719-00006. This number is helpful to help business clients identify the matter that they've been assigned.

We currently support the following field types from LawVu:

  • Single line text
  • Rich text paragraph
  • Slider
  • Monetary value
  • Number input
  • Boolean
  • Date picker
  • Dropdown
  • Checkbox list
  • Radio buttons
  • Single value lookup

NOTE: Dropdown fields (and other fields with a limited set of options) may fail silently if you push a value to that field that hasn't been configured as a valid option on LawVu. E.g. If a dropdown field on LawVu has valid options A, B & C, and you attempt to push a variable with a value of D, this field will instead be empty when created.


Upload a file or document to a matter

You can upload a file or document to a matter as well, by using the NewMatter_ID (or otherwise if renamed) variable to identify a specific matter. Typically this will be the variable returned by an earlier LawVu - Create Matter block.

You can select either generated documents, or uploaded files. You can upload multiple files or documents to the same matter by using the same NewMatter_ID and multiple LawVu - Upload file to matter blocks.