Why use the VIEW DOC block?

The VIEW DOC block displays a preview and allows you to download the report that was previously generated by a DOC GEN block in your App. This helps end users to review their generated document and make any amendments to their responses in the Assessment before submitting for completion. It can also be helpful for the App Author to make sure the document is generating as you want it to!


How to customise the VIEW DOC block

  1. Drag in the VIEW DOC Block into the Studio

    Note: The VIEW DOC block can be placed anywhere after the DOC GEN block. However, it is best practice to connect the VIEW DOC block right after the DOC GEN block for review purposes.


  2. Using the textbox in the Property Editor, customise the message that will appear on top of the page where the end user can view and/or download the document. This is helpful in giving end users more guidance.

    Note: By default, the message at the top of the page will be "Please review & download your document below".


  3. Using the dropdown, select the report generated through a previous DOC GEN block



What does it look like for the end user?

When end users land on the VIEW DOC block during an Assessment or Preview, they can preview the document in high definition along with the customised message displayed at the top of the page. They can also skip to specific pages, zoom in and out, and download the previewed document. Pages in the document are separated with page breaks.



  • If undergoing a private assessment, the document will only be able to be accessed by users who are logged into Checkbox. PDF documents generated in public assessments will still be able to be accessed through a public URL.