Checkbox v1.9, Released on 27/12/2019

An introduction to our latest feature: Decoupling of the End-Report block 


Please read below for a description of all our new features and updates.

New Studio Look

The Checkbox Studio now has a new and improved look, along with a simplification of the different categories of blocks.

We have also removed some Quick Pages (Text, Number, Statement and Dropdown) although current apps with these pages will not be affected. Apps that require any of the removed Quick Pages can use Form pages to replicate the same feature with greater flexibility.

Check out the studio now!

Decoupling of End-Report Block

In this release, our End-Report block has been decoupled into multiple blocks, each with their own function. The new Email, Transcript, Doc-Gen, View Report and DocuSign blocks can be used at any time within an assessment, empowering our users with greater flexibility in their builds. The End block signals the end of an assessment and allows for a customisable message.

For customers with existing apps, the corresponding new blocks will be generated in place of existing End-Report blocks to keep your apps up and running.

Enhanced User Experience

Beyond features, we are always looking to improve the experience for current users. By working with you, we have made the following improvements:

1. Upload multiple photos at once through File Upload when using mobile devices.

Check out the feature in our Wiki article here.

2. Warning messages before user-generated rows are deleted

Check out the feature in our Wiki article here.

Custom Filters in Assessment List View

We’ve introduced customised on-the-fly filters to assessments in list view, allowing end-users to quickly narrow down their relevant assessments.

Check out the feature in our Wiki article here.

Links to Uploaded Files in Dashboard

Links to uploaded files can now be included in list view dashboards and widgets, making it easier than ever to access relevant uploaded files.

Check out the feature in our Wiki article here.

It’s been an absolute pleasure to see and release these features to you and we hope you’ll love them as much as we do! As always, we’d love to hear your comments and feedback as you try them.

Best wishes from the Checkbox Team!