Checkbox v1.10, Released on 16/01/2020

Please read below for a description of all our new features and updates.

Global Project Team

By using a simple toggle, the team administrator is now able to allow all users in the organisation to join a project team. This eliminates the need to manually add and remove team members one by one, especially for apps that will be used by the entire organisation (e.g. Non-Disclosure Agreement Generator).

This feature is only available through a premium feature license.

Learn more about the feature in our Wiki article here.

Multi-App Project Team

Project team administrators are now able to add multiple apps into a single project team. Graphs and lists for each app can also be viewed by all project team members in the same project team dashboard.

Learn more about the feature in our Wiki article here.

App URL Changes 

For private assessment applications, “/app/{appID}/” will be added to the URL to reference the correct app in a multi-app project team. This effects users who have bookmarked specific URLs, and users who have direct links to auto-create private assessments. Please contact your Customer Success Manager for any concerns.

Studio UI Update

The wording for the “VIEW REPORT” block has now been changed to “VIEW DOC” to maintain consistent terminology. Additionally, “DOCUMENT” and “WORKFLOW” blocks have swapped colours in this release.