Multi-App Project Team

Adding Apps in a Project Team
Deactivating and Activating Apps in a Multi-App Project Team
End-User Access to Assessment List
Configuring Multi-App Project Team Dashboard 
Global Project Team
App Settings in Multi-App Project Teams

As a project team administrator, you can add multiple apps to a project team. For every app added to a project team, a new tab is created with the app name on the left pane. Team administrators are able to configure widgets and workflow groups, schedule tasks as well as import and export data for each app in the project team.


Adding Apps in a Project Team

  1. While in the “Apps” tab, click on “+ Add App” to view all apps in the account.


  2. Select an app of you would like to add to the project team and click on “Add App”.


  3. Select either “Internal Access” for private assessments or “External Access” for public assessments. If “External Access” is selected you have the option to add a security code.

  4. Access and copy the public URL for the app as a team administrator for distribution and reset the Security Code when necessary by clicking on “Reset”. 


Deactivating and Activating Apps in a Multi-App Project Team

  1. You can deactivate apps from a project team by clicking onto the 3 dot menu to remove any apps that no longer require any assessments to be run by team members.


  2. You can also ‘Activate’ apps to the project team from the “Archived” apps to reappear for all team members to run assessments in.


End-User Access to Assessment List

Project team members are able to access the assessment list and choose to edit and view transcript and document outputs


  1. Click into an app name on the left pane to view assessment list.


  2. Switch between “In-Progress” and “Completed” assessments using the widget drop-down menu.




Configuring Multi-App Project Team Dashboard

Dashboards in multi-app project teams are app specific and are distinguished through the “Reference” column in a list view.

  1. Click on the the Edit icon next to the project team name to edit team dashboard.


  2. Click on “Add widget” to view all graphs/lists to add to the dashboard.


  3. Select the widget you want to add to the dashboard and click “Add” and make sure to “Save” the changes you have made to implement the changes. 

    Graphs and lists will be marked to reference a particular app in the multi-app project team. 


Global Project Team

See Global Project Team to join all users in the organisation into a single project team.

App Settings in Multi-App Project Teams

See Introduction to Custom Widgets to learn how to customise widgets to represent exposed variables in a graph or list.

Workflow Group:
For every app that includes a workflow feature in the build, team members must be assigned to the workflow group. See Reassign a Workflow User to learn how to add a team member to a workflow group

Data Import and Export:
Data can be imported to and exported from each application. See Bulk Assessment to learn how to import and export data.

Scheduled Tasks:
See Scheduled Tasks to automate actions and processes based on assessment outcomes.