Checkbox V1.13, Released on 2/03/2020

Docusign status in list view widget

To improve transparency between the signatories, users now have oversight over the status of Docusign envelopes by adding the new ‘DOCUSIGN_STATUS#’ (e.g. ‘DOCUSIGN_STATUS1’) column in the list view widget. Users can specifically view the names and emails of signatories who have completed signing and those who are still yet to sign by hovering over the ‘Sent’ or ‘Completed’ value displayed in the ‘DOCUSIGN_STATUS#’ (e.g. ‘DOCUSIGN_STATUS1’) column.

Learn more about this feature here.

Extending "Create New Project Team" permissions

Greater flexibility can now be experienced in project teams for users who are team administrators with the permission level of “Create New Project Team”. Not only can they create new project teams but now they can also assign users, unassign users and change the team permissions that they are a part of.

Learn more about this feature here.

Support bulk add users to project team

The need to manually select multiple users from a list when assigning users to a project team has now been eliminated as users can now bulk select and assign users into a project team by simply pasting a predetermined list of emails in a comma-separated format into the ‘Name or Email address’ field.

Learn more about this feature here.